Orca Ocean, Loro Parque - Tenerife, Spain, July 2005

July 2005 

ELSS Engineering Ltd was awarded the contract to Design, Manufacture, Test and Commission all of the Electrical Control Systems/Panels associated with the new Orca Ocean project at Loro Parque, Tenerife Spain. At the time, this particular project largest Aquatic project happening anywhere in the world. So, as you can imagine competition during the tendering stages was very tough. ELSS Engineering Ltd had to come up with a design package sophisticated enough to control this huge volume of water, but also we had to make the overall system user friendly for the end user.

Our scope of work included the following:

  • Design and Manufacturing of 24no VFD [variable frequency drive panels] ranging in size from 11KW to 30KW. 
  • Design and manufacture a main control panel capable of receiving more than 60 Analogue signals from various instruments, 300+ Digital Inputs/Outputs, Control of an Automated Sand Filter backwash system for all 15 Filters.
  • Control of 1300gr/Hr of Ozone production generators
  • Control of 6000KW of Chilling Capacity
  • Design and manufacture of 3no pneumatic panels to control 70no Pneumatic valves.
  • Design, supply & commissioning of a 1600 Amp MCCB Panel to provide power to the above listed equipment.
  • Design and Software construction of 3 complete SCADA packages to monitor and control all of the above.
  • Full on-site Systems Testing, Start-up and commissioning.
  • Post project support, software updates and remote assistance via “team-viewer”

Our control systems are processing & controlling 21,157m3, 4.65 Million UK Gallons or 5.55 Million US Gallons of salt water.