Morocco Mall Aquarium, Casablanca Morocco, August 2009

August 2009

This project was awarded to ELSS Engineering in the middle part of 2009. With a 900m3 Acrylic Cylinder, housing a central transparent elevator, this will be a marvellous feat of engineering when completed. ICM was responsible for the overall aquarium and water feature design and are the specialist Project management team on this project, with the Acrylic works being done by Reynolds Polymer Technology,Inc. 

This Aquarium will have a stocking capacity of 2.5kg/m3 and our scope of works were as follows.

  • Full M&E LSS Design
  • Full design and specifications for the Back of House curatorial support areas
  • All Specialist fabrications for the LSS
  • All LSS Electrical, Instrumentation and controlling software design.
  • Design and manufacture of all LSS Control, PLC, Pneumatic and VFD panels
  • Full LSS Install, Commissioning and Training


This project was successfully opened to the public September 2011.